Become a certified expert in membrane structures

Academic Program in cooperation with Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany - home of the famous Bauhaus

WELCOME to the international teaching institute IMS e.V.

offering in cooperation with Anhalt University in Dessau/Germany a worldwide unique academic program in membrane and lightweight structures: structural membrane design and engineering, textile-, tensile- and cushion constructions, lightweight membranes and architectural fabrics.

Lecturers, international specialists in the field of textile constructions, impart knowledge and proficiency to the students, so that they will be able to design, calculate, detail, build and keep textile constructions.


Modern e-learning and e-tutoring, as well as brief attendance periods, ensure that combining the course with your job is ideal.

Real experts

Excellent lecturers from leading universities, research institutes and engineering firms will give you deep insight in state-of-the-art membrane engineering

Open to all

Globally unique courses in membrane engineering from a single-term Archineer® certificate to a full master in four terms.

Academic Programs

Master Eng. membrane structures

Anhalt University, Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

Postgraduate academic master program for students with bachelor degree in architecture or building construction engineering,
distance learning

Start: Summer semester only
Next course starting 12th March 2017

Archineer® certificate study program

Anhalt University, Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

Compact, university certificate program for professionals and students, looking for fundamental know-how in designing and engineering of membrane constructions,
next to professional life

Start: Summer semester only
Next course starting 12th March 2017

Archineer® Cert. /
M.Eng. Membrane Structures INDIA

Anhalt University, IMS e.V.,
Dessau-Rosslau, Germany IMS-Representative India, Bangalore

Academic certificate and master program BA students in architecture.

Next course starting: approx. end of July 2017 (exact date will be provided as soon as available)

Students about IMS


“The course is an elaborate dream tour of complete process of visualization, design, detailing, manufacturing processes, installation of modern tensile membrane structures as per world class standards. Addressing all the queries & a permanent platform to share-learn from experiences of more than hundred participants of IMS anytime. Credit goes to the knowledgeable, hardworking, versatile, one & only Robert Off. Thanks to him we got an exposure to the best knowledge available in tensile membrane field. For me in person, I & my destiny are no longer the same. With this great exposure we are building few of the best tensile Structures in our country. Thanks to Robert!!! Thanks to everybody!!!"

Anil Kumarfuria, India Alumni 2015, M.Eng. and Archineer® Membrane Structures

“It is one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever passed through; the technical information earned from IMS in the field of membrane structures changed the course of my life by having a wider knowledge. IMS gathered us as a family and after I finish the course I am sure I will be having regular visits because we really feel like we belong to this institute. I would like to thank Dr. Robert Off and the whole team of IMS for giving us this nice experience and making the dream of tensile structures a course that came true.”

Ali Mansour, Lebanon Alumni 2014 M.Eng. Membrane Structures

“Studying membrane structures at the IMS gives a deep insight into the very interesting and challenging topic. I liked the mixed approach of the theoretical background and the very practical way to explain and teach the topic. That's really motivating! But most of all I liked meeting new interesting people from all over the world and that became a friendly 'IMS-Family'!"

Christian Günther, Germany Alumni 2013, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures