Dr.-Ing. Switbert Greiner

Module Foldable and Umbrellas

Personal Data


Structural engineering studies at the TH Darmstadt, specializing in construction engineering


Industrial placement in domestic and bridge building


Military service


Graduation in Bad Hersfeld; “Abitur” (equivalent of A-levels)

First professional experience


Employee at Philipp Holzmann AG, Frankfurt, in the department for reinforced concrete bridge construction: development of computer programmes for the calculation of reinforced concrete, according to the DIN 1045 standard, structural analysis of reinforced concrete bridges

Scientific Experience


Scientific employee at the University of Stuttgart in Prof. Dr.-lng. Drs. h.c. Jörg Schlaich’s institute, “Sonder-forschungsbereich 64: wide-span surface structures“. Domain: membrane construction with special emphasis on sheet-metal membranes, development of a new metal membrane building method based on the plastic stretching capacity of sheet metal, bi-axial material experiments on stainless steel metal, development of a procedure for non-linear calculation of plastic shape forming, development of a novel welding technique for connecting very long strips of metals on construction sites, teaching experience while supervising graduate theses


PhD in engineering, topic of doctoral thesis: “Membrane structures made of thin sheet metal”, assessor and co-assessor being Profs. Jörg Schlaich and Frei Otto

Technical Development and Research


Continued collaboration on solar energy projects in Prof. Schlaich’s office

Design and realisation of solar reflectors, 7.50 m in diameter, improvement to the specialized sheet-metal welding technology


Staff member of Prof. Dr.-lng. Drs. h.c. Frei Otto’s institute.
Research into natural construction, topics: building with bamboo, soap lamellae, structural efficiency of biological structures, optimization of frameworks, independent research. Teaching experience through supervision of student work groups for seminars and graduate work


Independent work as a consultant in Prof. Schlaich’s office: form optimization of solar reflectors with a diameter of 17m, programming of numerical analysis for the shaping of solar reflectors, calculation of the intensity of sun-ray distribution, assessment of adapted technologies in the building industry

Occupational Experience

Since 2009

Lecturer at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau, Germany,
during the “Foldable & Umbrellas” series of lectures each September, including subsequent supervision of students


Lecturer on project-related structural engineering & design at the University of Innsbruck, Austria


Founding of ArtEngineering GmbH


Founding of the engineering office in Oberaichen with emphasis on lightweight structures, complex space structures and works of art


Planning of structural space-frames, development of an exterior cladding construction for a modern temple in India, planning of mosque domes in Turkmenistan and Malaysia, supervision of production and on-site erection, collaboration with the office of Dr. Bodo Rasch, SL GmbH in Oberaichen: leading position in the calculation and construction of tent structures, as well as foldable umbrellas of up to 530m² for Medinah